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L'Abandon, bronzeThe state commissions the bronze 'Niobide' and purchases a bronze of 'L'Abandon'.

In May, the cast of 'Niobide' is in treating but Camille is not yet paid for it.

From 24 October to 10 November, Camille has an exhibition at the Gallery Blot.

Judith Cladel visits her to make an interview for the journal La Fronde.


In January, the statue of Niobide is delivered at the Dépôt des Marbres and Camille is finally paid for it.
In December she has her last solo exhibition at the Gallery Blot with eleven 


In September, Paul returns from China. Short time later he is appointed 
consul in Prague. After a visit in her atelier, Paul’s diary entry describes Camille's state of mind: "A Paris, Camille folle. Le papier des murs arraché à long lambeaux, un seul fauteuil cassé et déchiré, horrible saleté. Elle énorme et la figure souillée, parlant incessamment d’une voix monotone et métallique." 


Exhibtion Femmes Peintres et Sculpteurs: 'L'Imploration', 'Persée', 'Les 
'L'Otage', 'L'Annonce faite à Marie' is published by Paul Claudel.


In October, Paul becomes General Consul in Frankfurt.
Camille retires more and more and she is in a serious poor condition.


Henry Marcel, director of the National Museums, manages an exhibition of 
Camille‘s bronzes of the Blot collection in Rome. 


Louis-Prosper Claudel dies at Villeneuve on 2 March. Camille is not 
present at the funeral of her father, presumably she was not informed by her 
Eight days later, Camille is interned at the Maison de Santé in Ville-Évrard, 
at the instigation of her brother Paul. In a letter to her cousin Charles 
Thierry, she realises her future: "Je ne suis pas rassurée, je ne sais ce qui 
va m’arriver: je crois que je suis en train de mal finir [...]. C’était bien 
la peine de tant travailler et d’avoir du talent pour avoir une récompense 
comme ca." Thierry manages that the public is informed about this incident by an indignant article in the regional journal L’Avenir de L’Aisne. Other articles are following, directly accusing the Claudel family.
In July, the article of Paul about his sister, published 1905 in L'Occident
is re-edited in L'Art décoratif.
In August, Paul stays in France. Two months later, he becomes General Consul 
in Hamburg.




Rodin sends money to Mathias Morhardt to pay for Camille's hospital costs. 
Morhardt suggests him to dedicate one room of the Hôtel Biron to Camille‘s 
work and Rodin does so.
Camille is sent to Enghien in August, and then to the hospital of 
Montdevergues at Montfavet, near Avignon.
'Le Pain dur' by Paul Claudel. 




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