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Paul visits Camille in May or June.
Camille demands her family, especially her mother, to be released or 
transferred in a hospital in Paris. But instead, Louise-Athanaïse forbids Camille any contact besides her brother and herself. In a letter to the director of 
the hospital, she writes about her daughter: "Elle a tous les vices, je ne 
veux pas la revoir, elle nous a fait trop de mal."


Rodin marries Rose Beuret on 29 January. 17 days later, Rose dies.
On 17 November, Rodin dies as well.


At the beginning of the year, Dr. Brunet writes a letter to Camille's mother to  propose Camille's re-integration in her family, but her mother refuses 
2 October, Joanny Peytel sends a letter to the director of the Asile de 
Montdevergues including a 100 F note for the hospital costs.
Paul Claudel visits his sister.


March or April, Paul visits Camille again.
Camille's mother sells the house at Villeneuve to her grandchild Jacques 
de Massary.


Paul ClaudelIn both years, Paul visits Camille, each time in August.

In a letter to her mother, Camille implores: "Tu es bien dure de me refuser un asile à Villeneuve. Je ne ferais pas de scandale comme tu le crois. Je serais trop heureuse de reprendre la vie ordinaire pour faire quoi que ce soit. Je n’oserais plus bouger tellement j’ai souffert."


Louise-Athanaïse dies in Villeneuve on 20 June.
Mathias Morhardt and Judith Cladel are sending letters to each other 
concerning the disappearing of Camille’s sculpture 'Clotho'.
Jessie Lipscomb visits Camille in Montdevergues.


In the Salon des Femmes Artistes modernes, three works of Camille 
Claudel are shown: 'L'Imploration', 'La Valse' and the 'Bust of Rodin'.


Louise de Massary, Camille’s sister, dies the third of May.
Mathias Morhardt publishes an article about the disappearing of the work 


Paul visits his sister in the institution.


Salon des Femmes Artistes modernes: 'Bust of Rodin'.
Jacques de Massary dies. 

Camille Claudel


The medical report of August 11 about Camille states a physical and intellectual weakness.


Paul Claudel visits his sister in September for the last time.

Camille Claudel dies on 19 October and is buried the day after at the cemetery of Montfavet.





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