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Since this year, she exhibits either at the Salon des Artistes Français 
(S.A.F.) or at the Salon d'Automne.
S.A.F.: 'L'Age mûr', bronze, belonging to captain Tissier. Some critical comments are resentful, like the comment of Gabrielle Réval in the feminist journal Fémina, and they still reproach her "addiction" to Rodin's style.


La Joueuse de flûte, bornzeShe meets Henry Asselin.
Salon d'Automne: 'La Fortune', bronze, a variation of 'La Valse'. Edition of 50 samples in bronze by Blot. Blot also issues 'La Joueuse de flûte'. 
After a long phase of permanent critique by the public and by her family about her way of living for her passion, she is now tormented with heavy doubt about her decision: "S’il était encore temps de changer de corporation je préférais cela. J’aurais mieux fait de m’acheter de belles robes et de beaux chapeaux […] que de me livrer à ma passion."


Paul Claudel returns from China in April. Two months later, he stays at 
Eaux-Chaudes with his sister Louise and writes 'Camille Claudel statuaire'. 
In August, he publishes this article in L'Occident.

Camille and Paul are spending two weeks together in the Pyrénées, even though there are some fundamental tensions in their relationship: Paul never accepted Camille's role as a woman sculptor.
Camille returns with outlines for a bust of Paul and stays  at Villeneuve during September. She executes the plaster 'Paul Claudel à trente-sept ans'.La Joueuse de flûte or La Sirène
Paul Claudel works some time in November for Partage de midi.
4-16 December, exhibition of Camille together with Bernard Hoetger in the Gallery Eugène Blot.
S.A.F.: Vertumne et Pomone, marble version of Sakountala commanded by the Comtesse de Maigret, and 'La Sirène' ['Joueuse de flûte']. This is the last year in which she participates at any salon.
Exhibiton and catalogue with 13 works in the Gallery Blot together with the colleague Bernhard Hoetger. Different critics publish detailed articles and praise the show as a great success for Camille Claudel. This acknowledgement does not change her bad mental state, however.



15 March Paul Claudel marries Reine Sainte-Marie Perrin and departs to 
China again.

'Niobide blessée', a variation of 'Sacountala', in plaster is puchased by the 
state for 1,500 FF.
Camille shows first signs of isolation and neglection. Her friend Henri Asselin is afraid of her psychological crisis: "A partir de 1906, chaque été, Camille se mit à détruire systématiquement, à coups de marteau, toutes ses oeuvres de l’année. Ses deux ateliers offraient alors un spectactle lamentable de ruines et de dévastation."




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