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Since most Internet content tends to be removed or deleted with time, I created an archive of press and internet articles that I saved from the Web, as a service to the academic community. All texts deal with the topic of posthumous casting, originality and especially the controversial exhibition of the Maclaren plasters at the Royal Ontario Museum.

Moreover, this archive offers you access to relevant parts from the correspondence the RODIN-WEB developed with the MacLaren Art Centre in June, in order to learn more about the background of the MacLaren donation. It was from this correspondence the Toronto Symposium concept was derived.

The intention of this archive is to guarantee all participants in this debate always have access to these source texts for academic research and reference. The copyright of these texts remains with the authors and/or original publishers. You will find the links to the original web addresses at the top of each paper. If you quote these texts in your own publication, please indicate the orginal source and that you used our RODIN-WEB service.

  Bronze casting general information

The Collections of Meudon - Musée Rodin
Bronze Casting Using the "Lost Wax" Method - Cantor Foundation
Lost Wax and Sandcasting Methods of Bronze Casting -
Lost Wax Technique - a text from the ROM Website on the "Plaster to Bronze" exhibition

  1974: Statement on ethical aspects of posthumous casting, A. Elsen and colleagues

A Statement on Standards for Sculptural Reproduction and Preventive Measures to Combat Unethical Casting in Bronze

  1999: Original or reproduction - the discussion around the Cummer Museum exhibition

Capturing Rodin: Exhibit of 200 Works by Famed Sculptor Seen as Coup for the Cummer Museum -, July 1999
Bronze Reproductions or Original Works? -
Fernandina Beach Artist Seeks to Discredit Exhibit -, July 1999
Issues of Full Disclosure - The Oregonian, April 1999

  1999/2000: The Guy Hain Rodin forgeries

The Guy Hain Rodin Forgeries - Report by
The Guy Hain Rodin Forgeries - another Report by
The Guy Hain Rodin Forgeries - Report by
Faux Rodin: L'affaire continue / Guy Hain lourdement condamne - Report by

  March/April 2001: The donation to the Maclaren Museum

$40 Million Rodin Collection Acquired By Northern Ontario Museum - Arts Business Exchange, April 2001
$40 Million Donation of Rodin Sculptures Kicks Off ArtCity in Barrie - Canada NewsWire, March 2001
Rodin Sculptures Uncrated At Media Launch In Toronto - Artfocus online, March 2001
Rodin On The Road Collection Will Be Traveling Before Being Brought To Permanent Home In Barrie - The Barrie Examiner

  June 2001: How the concept for the Toronto Symposium evolved

RODIN-WEB - Letter to MacLaren Art Centre - 17 June 2001
MacLaren Art Centre - Letter to RODIN-WEB - 18 June 2001
RODIN-WEB - Letter to MacLaren Art Centre - 18 June 2001
MacLaren Art Centre - Letter to RODIN-WEB - 19 June 2001
RODIN-WEB - Letter to MacLaren Art Centre - 20 June 2001 - Overview of the current debate
MacLaren Art Centre - Letter to RODIN-WEB - 25 June 2001
RODIN-WEB - Letter to MacLaren Art Centre - 2 July 2001
The Symposium theme overview as sent out by the MacLaren Art Centre - 27 Sept. 2001

  July/August 2001: A critical press release by the Musée Rodin and various press echoes

Press release by the Musée Rodin - July 2001 (French)
Canadian Rodin Exhibit Defended as Authentic - Head of Paris Rodin Museum Calls it a Fraud - The Toronto Star, July 2001
Sculpture Exhibit Defended After Head of Paris Rodin Museum Calls it a Fraud - Yahoo News, July 2001
L'authenticité de plâtres de Rodin exposés à Toronto mise en doute - Presse Canadienne, August 2001 (French)
Le Musée Rodin de Paris conteste une exposition á Toronto - Yahoo News, August 2001
Paris Museum Angered by Toronto Rodin Exhibition - Yahoo News, August 2001
Rodin Exhibit Not Approved by French Museum - August 2001
What's the Rodin fuss really about? - The Globe and Mail, August 2001
Statutes of Limitation - Six short articles by The Globe and Mail, August 2001
The Rodin Controversy - CBC Radio Interview with William Moore, Antoinette Romain,
 aired August 16, 2001

(Various:) Weekend Diary Sketch Comedy at the ROM - Toronto Globe, September 2001

  September 2001: The Sarah Milroy article; unpublished responses to the Toronto Globe

Rodin -Truly a bust. By Sarah Milroy - Sept. 2001
Rodin for the masses. By Wynn Walters - Sept. 2001
MacLaren Art Centre: Shrewd Moves in Barrie, Ont. - Arts Business Exchange, Sept. 2001
Globe - a response. By William Moore, Director MacLaren Art Centre - Sept. 2001
Globe - a response. By David Schaff, Exhibition Curator "Plaster to Bronze" - Sept. 2001

  October 2001

I think, but I'm not quite sure who I am - Aida Edemariam in The Guardian, October 2001
Rodin Thinkers to the ROM: We Think Not, Thank You - Toronto Globe, October 2001

  Statements by the Gruppo Mondiale Est

Statement on Copyright Issues from the Website



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