Rodin on the road

Rodin on the road Collection will be traveling before being brought to permanent home in Barrie

By Sarah Kennedy

The MacLaren Art Centre’s newly acquired Rodin sculptures will travel the globe, as the plaster and bronze pieces are presented to the public before being permanently housed in Barrie.

The first stop on the international tour will be the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto, September 20.

For close to three months, the ROM will host the spectacular $40 million collection of approximately 70 plaster and bronze sculptures by the father of modern sculpture, Auguste Rodin. According to Rebbeca Truax of the MacLaren Art Centre, a few of the sculptures have been on exhibition in Greece, but the majority have been owned privately. The tour marks the first public exhibition of most of the pieces and highlights the formative plaster works that “he actually touched with his own hands,” says Truax. The exhibition will explain the process of the creation from the plaster to the bronze.

Following the three or four-year tour, William Moore, director of the MacLaren, says the pieces will take up permanent residence in Barrie.

The plasters were originally owned by an Italian who was scouting a number of destinations in which to donate the pieces, including Israel. Two-and-a-half years ago, Moore was introduced to the unnamed collector. Moore believes it was the concept of the upcoming ArtCity, an art park that would boldly display pieces in select areas of Barrie, that quashed the collector’s urge to sell to another city.


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