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Rodin Shows As Record Breakers: The Quebec Exhibition Of 1998

The exhibition Rodin & Laliberté, centering around the contact between Rodin and the Canadian sculptor Alfred Laliberté (1878-1953), even surpassed the North Carolina number.
From 4 June - 9 Sept. 1998, this show at the Musée de Quebec attracted nearly 525,000 visitors: more than the yearly number of visitors at the Musée Rodin itself, that had provided the bulk of the ca. 130 Rodin works displayed.

Rodin's a record-breaker

Fiona Downey - CBC Radio Arts - Monday September 14, 1998

MONTREAL - The Musée du Quebec says it's set a record for the highest attendance of any Canadian museum show. The exhibition of works by French sculptor Auguste Rodin drew just under 525-thousand people by closing time early this morning.

The museum did its best to lure last-minute visitors. For the final weekend, it kept its doors open for 42 straight hours.

The museum says the previous attendance record was set in 1985 by a Picasso exhibition at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts. It drew 517-thousand people.
The Quebec museum's Rodin show lured more visitors in its three months than the Rodin Museum in Paris gets in a year.

[From: www.infoculture.cbc.ca/archives/com_arch_09151998.html]

No wonder the Maclaren Art Centre put its hope on Rodin. And no wonder the Musée Rodin calls the Toronto entrance fee of Can $ 18 far too high: the Quebec show featured roughly twice as much works, among them 14 plasters that seldomly leave Meudon, and also paid attention to Rodin´s technique. With an entrance price of Can $ 7, the price/performance ratio of the Paris-Quebec coalition beats the Barrie-Toronto initiative.  And still, neither the critique by the Musée Rodin nor the price itself could prevent the Toronto show produced nearly as much revenues as the Quebec exhibition two years before.




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