FRANCE - paris

Petit-Palais, Paris

Av. Winston-Churchill
F-75008 Paris, France
Mo. Champs-Elysées-Clemenceau

Tel. +33 - 1 - 42 65 12 73
Fax +33 - 1 - 42 65 24 60

The Petit Palais was created for the Universal Exposition of 1900 as a city museum in which to showcase the works bought from the yearly Salons.

The Museum owns a marble version of Victor Hugo by Rodin, shown in the 1998 exhibition From Ingres to Cezanne and the following work of Camille Claudel:

  'Bust of Rodin', bronze

  Kunst- und Ausstellungshalle der Bundesrepublik Deutschland, Bonn "Von Ingres bis Cézanne - Kunst des 19. Jahrhunderts aus der Sammlung Musée du Petit Palais, Paris".

L'Age mur de Camille Claudel in the Musée d'Orsay

musée d’Orsay, paris

62 rue de Lille
F-75007 Paris, France
Mo. Solferino

Tel. +33 - 1 - 40 49 48 14

Conservateur en chef: Françoise Heilbrun

The Museum was created to show art, related to the period 1848-1914.

The works are on loan from the Rodin museum in exchange for the works sent from the Musée du Luxembourg to the Rodin museum for its opening in 1919. Sculptures by Bourdelle, Maillol, Bernard and Pompon finish off the circuit.

In 1995, the Musée d'Orsay exhibited the three known marble versions of The Kiss by Auguste Rodin together so that it was possible to observe that the main differences lay in the way the blocks were carved and the degree of finish.

   C. Claudel: 'L’âge mûr', large model, bronze

   C. Claudel: 'Torse de Clotho', plaster




musée Rodin, paris

77, Rue de Varenne
F - 75007 Paris
Mo. Varenne

Tel. +33 -1 - 44 18 61 10
Fax +33 -1 - 45 51 17 52

The Musée Rodin in Paris and its sister museum in Meudon were created through donations by Rodin to the French State. Not only do they contain the world´s most complete body of Rodin work (more than 6,600 sculptures, ca. 8,000 drawings) but they also administer the art Rodin had collected himself and his personal archives. The Photo Department manages an archive of ca. 8,000 photos, including historical photos by Steichen, Bulloz, Drouet and others.

The Paris Museum is located on the premises of the Hôtel Biron, built in 1728. Rodin had rented its ground floor and arranged that it was turned into a museum for his work. The museum shows highlights from the different sections of the collection.

In addition, Rodin managed that one room was dedicated to his lover Camille Claudel and fulfilled with her sculptural work. In the graphic cabinet, you can find also some ink-drawings and an etching.

The museum's Website in French and English offers a very fine overview and lengthy illustrated articles. These texts by Antoinette Le Normand-Romain and her colleagues are the finest introductions to different aspects of Rodin´s life and work on the Internet, together with the Cantor Foundation Website.

  'Vertumne et Pomone', marble (donation Paul      Claudel)

  'Bust of Rodin', bronze

  'Bust of Rodin', plaster

  'La Valse', bronze

  'La Vague', onyx and bronze

  'Les Causeuses', onyx

  'Les Causeuses', bronze

  'Clotho', plaster (donation Paul Claudel)

  'L’Implorante', small model, bronze

  'L’âge mûr', large model, bronze, (donation 
     Paul Claudel)

  'L’âge mûr', first version, plaster, (donation
     Paul Claudel)

  'La Petite Châtelaine', marble

  'Persée et la Gorgone', small model, marble

  'Paul Claudel à trente sept ans', bronze

  'Le Système Cellulaire', ink-drawing

  'Le Réveil', ink-drawing

  'Le Collage', ink-drawing

  'Rodin sur le morceau', etching


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