Gary Arseneau - Deception: Are These Really Rodins?


In conclusion, what needs to be accomplished is the full and honest disclosure of reproductions as reproductions by all museums, foundations, auction houses and art dealers. If the Royal Ontario Museum, the MacLaren Art Centre and all other participants will give full and honest disclosure for these reproductions as: "Reproductions posthumously reproduced with reproduced signatures applied", it would allow museum patrons at a minimum to give informed consent if they chose to pay admission to see this exhibit. The reputations and legacy of living and past artists, present and future museum art patrons and the art-buying public deserve the re-establishment of the obvious; that the living presence and participation of the artist to once again be required, as it always should have been, to create the piece of art attributable to the artist if indeed it is attributed to them, much less purported to have been signed by them. 



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