Gary Arseneau - Deception: Are These Really Rodins?


In the MacLaren Art Centre’s exhibition checklist lists: "Eustache de St. Pierre (1884) 1895 version bronze (lifetime cast)" as loaned by the Vancouver Art Gallery. A "lifetime cast" means that Auguste Rodin was alive and personally approved its casting in bronze and authorized his signature applied. The Vancouver Art Gallery’s registration documentation for this "lifetime cast" states:

1) foundry name is inscribed on the back of shoulder (incised and cast),
which reads:
G. Rudier F. Paris 
Foundry name is also mentioned in our files: Georges Rudier inherited Alexis
Rudier/Foundeur Paris foundry in 1952 and all the bronzes manufactured by this
foundry bear the mark, Georges Rudier/Fondeur Paris, and are inscribed with the
date of the casting. On works which weren't cast during the artist's lifetime,
the number of the cast from the edition of twelve is inscribed, while the new
editions of works that had been cast previously are recorded but unnumbered.

2) According to our records, the statue is one of an edition of twelve. But
that number is not inscribed on the statue.

3) Signature on the bronze is incised at the base of neck, in front, on left
side: "A. Rodin", but not dated. There is an incision on left side at back:
"Rodin, 1964".

4) Eustache de St. Pierre was acquired in 1983. It was a gift to the
Gallery from Dr. Max Stern.

This MacLaren Art Centre listed "lifetime cast" was actually reproduced forty-seven years after Rodin’s death in "1964."



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