Gary Arseneau - Deception: Are These Really Rodins?


The 1990 Visual Artistís Rights Act amended the 1976 Copyright Act of 1976. In part it granted the artist the "Right of Attribution" which ends when the artist dies. In the "Visual Artistís Business and Legal Guide" Attorney Katherine M. Thompson states: 

"The Berne Convention of 1886 provides artists with moral rights in their work. This international treaty requires all members to adhere to a minimum standard of moral rights for their artists. When the United States became a signatory, however, it sought to change the Copyright Act only where necessary to comply. The VARA amends the Copyright Act to provide a definition of art; to grant artists additional rights, such as the right of attribution and the right of integrity." 

Since the "Right of Attribution" dies when the artist dies how can Dr. Schaff refer to a posthumous and "imaginary reconstruction" reproduction "Hand of Rodin Holding a Torso" with a counterfeit "A Rodin" signature applied as a "cast of an original work by Auguste Rodin?"

One would have to get the impression that perception is preferred over reality by the majority of the principals involved in these "plasters" and "bronzes" promoted as "sculptures by Auguste Rodin." Why would the majority of those involved in this exhibit suspend disbelief and common sense when it comes to the minimum disclosure that these posthumous bronze objects, interesting as they maybe to look at, are not "sculptures by Auguste Rodin?" Why would Gruppo Mondiale Est., the MacLaren Art Centre and the Royal Ontario Museum fail to disclose and fully document the complete provenance of these objects they promote as "sculptures by Auguste Rodin?"



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