Gary Arseneau - Deception: Are These Really Rodins?


In the J. Paul Getty Trustíís "" website that "supports limited research and cataloging efforts." Under their Getty Vocabulary Program the term "original" is defined as:

 "Use to distinguish from reproductions or other types of copies." 

In Ralph Mayerís Dictionary of Art Terms and Techniques "original" is defined as: 

"An artistís independent creation. 2. a work of art considered as a PROTOTYPE, as that from which copies and reproductions have been made." 


In Ralph Mayerís A Dictionary of Art Terms & Techniques, on page 352, the term "sculpture" is defined as:

 "The creation of three dimensional forms by carving, modeling or assembly. In carving, the sculptor removes unwanted material.... In modeling on the other hand, the sculptor creates a form by building it up..." 

This definition is further confirmed by J. Paul Getty Trustíís "" website. Under their Getty Vocabulary Program the term "sculpture" is defined as: 

"Use for works of art in which images and forms are carried out primarily in three dimensions, especially those that retain the quality of being tangible objects or groups of objects." 



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