Gary Arseneau - Deception: Are These Really Rodins?


What laws or decrees by the State of France require disclosure of reproductions as "reproductions?" 

In March 3, 1981 the State of France passed a decree 81.255 on the suppression of frauds in transactions involving art works. On page 281 in Jean Chatelainís essay "An Original in Sculpture", he states that Article 9 of this decree published March 21, 1981 in the Journal Officiel requires: 

"All facsimiles, casts of casts, copies, or other reproductions of an original work of art as set out in Article 71 of Appendix III of the General Code of Taxes, executed after the date of effectiveness of the present decree, must carry in a visible and indelible manner the notation ĎReproductioní." 

After 1981 does the Musee Rodin mark their authorized "Rodin" bronze reproductions in a "visible and indelible manner" as "reproductions" as required by this French decree? No. 

The Musee Rodin readily admits they send plaster reproductions reproduced from Auguste Rodinís original plasters to foundries for posthumous reproduction in bronze. Those foundries involved in the posthumous bronze reproductions of plaster reproductions sent to them by the Musee Rodin, in part, are "Alexis Rudier" and "Georges Rudier." 

On the otherhand the Gruppo Mondiale Est. claims on their "" website that their "Master Edition Auguste Rodin bronze casts" are from "Rodinís original plasters." Are they really from "Rodinís original plasters?" 



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