Gary Arseneau - Deception: Are These Really Rodins?


In Ralph Mayer’s Dictionary of Art Terms and Techniques it defines "replica" as:

 "In the fine arts, an exact copy or duplicate of a work, done in the same size and in the same medium, and done by the artist who created the original (or, sometimes, done under the artist’s direct supervision). A replica is considered in all important respects to be equal of the original and of other replicas of the same work. The word is sometimes loosely used for any copy of a work done in the same medium by someone other than the creator of the original." 

So based on the above definition unless the artist creates the "replica" it would not be a "replica." It would instead be a reproduction. Why is the term "translating" used instead of "reproducing" in describing the bronze casting process for these posthumous bronze reproductions? If these objects were fully and honestly disclosed, wouldn’t the MacLaren Art Centre, the Royal Ontario Museum and Gruppo Mondiale Est. have to admit that they are at least "reproductions?" This admission would mean these objects were "done by someone other than the creator of the original?" So are they "reproductions" or something worse? 



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