Rodin Works: Introduction

In this section we are building an online catalogue more than 50 key works by Auguste Rodin.
From a great number of SOURCES, we have collected all the essential information to provide you with a concise, yet accurate description and history of each of these works.
Without the claim to be complete*, this section will make one of the most useful online handbooks on Rodin's work for students and all art lovers.

Please note that as of today (March 2004) most entries are still in a draft stage. When we have finished editing, we hope each of these short chapters will reflect the status of current scholarly discussion. Footnotes will guide visitors with a profound scientific interest to a number of books and catalogues, that will supply you with even more background information. 

At the moment, these footnotes have only been activated in the essay about the 'Gates of Hell'. When we will have more time, these tooltip notes will be implemented in the other chapters as well.

Do not forget to give us your feedback and let us know if these texts have been helpful for you.

*Since it would be a life-time enterprise to try and list all the dimensions, materials and locations of all existing variations and examples, we have ommitted such details, in order to focus on the meaning and history of each sculpture and the way it is related to Rodin's entire body of work. To learn more about single plaster, bronze and marble examples, we suggest you consult the excellent catalogues by Athena Tacha Spear and by John Tancock. Additionally, we recommend using the search mask at the bottom of each page.


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