H. de Roos - The critique of the toronto exhibition


Je considère que faire payer aux visiteurs, plus de dix dollars pour voir cette exposition relève de la pure tromperie.

[From: Letter from Jacques Vilain to MacLaren Art Centre, 8 Oct. 2001

Entrance Fee, Public And Private Financing In Canada

This point clearly speaks for the Musée Rodin, even though my ticket was complimentary.
At the R.O.M., adults pay Can $ 18 during the week, Can $ 20 during the week-end. This fee of appr. 15 Euro is three times as much as the new full rate of 5 Euro at the Musée Rodin.
The 1998 Rodin exhibition in Quebec, displaying ca. 130 Rodin works and photos by Edward Steichen, not only offered more sculptures than the Toronto show: with Can $ 7 entrance fee, the Quebec event was far more affordable.

Still, the MacLaren Art Centre in Barrie - the designated owner of the new collection - is doing its best to realize its motto "people to art" - or art to people. Its staff supervises as much as 300 volunteers, offering art lessons to over 20,000 school children in the region. Alone for this "reach out" project, art supplies amounting to Can $ 100,000 had to be acquired last year. Only 20% of the MacLaren costs are covered by public funds, 80% are financed by corporate sponsorship or promotional events like a yearly auction of art works donated by local artists for this purpose, William Moore told me. This proportion is not typical for most Canadian museums that generally rely on state money much stronger - but limit their efforts and activities accordingly.



The new MacLaren Art Center, Barrie, Ontario

Natural light photography: Megan Salcak




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