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Introduction: Are These Really Rodins?

Exhibition Checklist Summary- Foundry Casts

Exhibition Checklist Summary- Studio or Foundry Casts

Exhibition Checklist Summary- Posthumous Casts

Are These Really Rodins?

Rodin's "Right of Reproduction" Gift to France

What is a "Reproduction?"

What is a "Replica?"

Jean Chatelain

Not From The Original Plasters

French Decree & Diclosure as "Reproduction"

Gruppo Mondiale Est.

Léonce Bénédite

Henri Lebossé, "Sculpteur Reproducteur Habituel"

What is an "Original?" What is a "Sculpture?"

What is a "Sculptor?"

What is a "Fake?"

"A Rodin" Signature

What is a "Signature?" What are Forgeries?

What is a "Counterfeit?"

Declarations of Authenticy

"Declaration of Authenticy" for "Hand of Rodin- Holding a Torso"


MacLaren Art Centre Press Release

Cantor Centre of Visual Arts

Edmonton Art Gallery

Vancouver Art Gallery

"Museums Exist for Their Authenticy"

MacKenzie Art Gallery

Association of Art Museum Directors

College Art Association

Georgia O'Keefe and Lewis W. Hine

California Civil Code Statutes - New York Statutes - Federal Trade Commission


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