Gary Arseneau:  Deception - Are These Really Rodins?


The Royal Ontario Museum 2001 exhibit 
"From Plaster to Bronze: The Sculpture of Auguste Rodin" 

The MacLaren Art Centre organized September 20 to 23, 2001 "From Plaster to Bronze: The Sculpture of Auguste Rodin" exhibit at the Royal Ontario Museum is introduced on the "" website as: "In the first stop of a major international tour, this revealing exhibit brings together almost 70 sculptures by Auguste Rodin, one of the seminal figures in modern art." 

The MacLaren Art Centre’s "From Plaster to Bronze: The Sculpture of Auguste Rodin" exhibition checklist lists: 18 "Auguste Rodin bronzes" and 48 "Auguste Rodin plasters" on exhibit at the Royal Ontario Museum. Unfortunately only one "bronze" titled "Eternal Spring" from the Mackenzie Art Gallery may potentially be a lifetime cast. The other seventeen "bronzes" are fakes posthumously reproduced between 1962 and 2000 and all with counterfeit "A Rodin" signatures applied. 

As for the "Rodin plasters", in this exhibit, only eleven of the forty-eight "plasters" may be actually authentic "Rodin original plasters." As for the other thirty-seven "plasters" in the exhibit, 28 listed as "foundry plasters" are fake and those 9 listed as "studio or foundry plasters" with counterfeit "A Rodin" signatures would also be fake. 




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